ezmuze+ 2.0

Released September 12th, 2012

The follow up to the number one music package on XBOX Live Indie Games, ezmuze+2 gave you more control, more freedom and more than 1000 loops!

ezmuze+2.0 gave many highly requested features and introduced 'triggerFX' - a feature that hasn't been equaled by any other product yet.


ezmuze+ hamst3r edition

Released May 9th, 2009

ezmuze+ hamster edition was the collaboration between mad ninja skillz and the hamster alliance. Hamster brought a level of perfection, forcing mad ninja to step up his game, and boy was it worth it. ezmuze+ was better than the original in every single way. Constantly in the top 10 rated games on the XBLIG service and possibly the best selling product priced more than $1, ezmuze+ introduced thousands of people to writing music.


ezmuze breaks and house

Released December 9th, 2008

Where it all began. What started as a test became a product. Simple and basic, it showed what was possible and lead to great things.