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ezmuze has been evolved - welcome to ezmuze 3.0

If you have ever used ezmuze on the xbox 360, the evolution you have been waiting for is here - we've taken everything and turned it to 11 and made it available on the PC. If you haven't ever experienced ezmuze, come join us creating music easily with prebuilt loops and easy to use but powerful tools

Whats new?

New audio engine

Taking the audio engine from ezmuze pro has allowed us to squeeze maximum audio quality out of ezmuze - full 44khz stereo sound on every single loop, high quality mixing, automatic compressing limiter. ezmuze is sounding the best it ever has.

Unlimited channels

As we move to the PC, many of the limitations of the Xbox no longer shackle us. No longer are we limited to just 10 channels; you can now add channels to your hearts content. To facilitate this, we've added scrolling and zooming allowing you to get the perfect overview of all those lovely channels.

We've also torn out many of the other limits such as having no max song length anymore


ezmuze is no longer tied to the loops that it comes with. You can get started right away for free with the "core" pack, experience the out there creations in the "discord community pack" or if you're willing to put your hands in your pockets, dip into nostalgia with the "ezmuze+ hamster edition" and "ezmuze+ 2.0" packs.

more packs will be constantly released, both for free and paid for - and all packs you grab will be compatible with ezmuze pro when it is released

Cloud storage

Take your tracks with you no matter where you are - just grab any PC or Laptop, download the free launcher, log in to your ezmuze central account - and your tracks will just be there. Nothing to manage, it just works.

New Viz Engine

Who doesn't like showing their songs off? What's better than showing your songs off? Making them beautiful when you do! ezmuze 3.0 has a brand new viz engine that takes the original viz engine and turns it up to 11.

coming soon: export your song, with viz, directly to youtube.

ezmuze is created by James Johnston in his spare time - if you want to support him creating ezmuze, consider supporting his patreon.

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